Vote Today!

It’s Voting Day! A time to vote and make your voice heard!

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There are many issues facing you and your community. Don’t just sit back and let others decide. This is a perfect day to take your child or grandchild with you when you vote so you can explain the importance of making your voices heard at the ballot box.

Walk them through the voting process.  Explain why you are voting a particular way on an issue. Explain why you are voting for a certain candidate.

It is never too early to instill in children the importance of the power of the vote! They will always remember how important voting is to you. And when they are able to vote they will.

As ‘Little Joe’ says in Granddaddy’s Gift when she reaches the age of 18:

“Now I could vote and make my own voice heard.

Granddaddy had taught me to stand up for things, even if I was scared, and always to be proud. His gift never left me.

At the top of the courthouse steps, Granddaddy took my hand. We had come a long way. We still had a long way to go.”

For further information: Granddaddy’s Gift

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